1. laidofffromthesuntimes:

    A throwback to my last day. In the last year I’ve went from F$CK YOU! to Thank You! The Sun-Times allowed me to grow as a photographer, journalist and a human being. They showed me what it means to care about your community. Allowed me to go into thousands of homes, thousands of lives. Trusted me to always be accurate, and represent them in everything I did. They gave me the greatest viral marketing campaign any person could ask for to be self employed. I owe them a lot.



  3. Thank god this one is a joke. 


  4. I wouldn’t go back. Would you?


  5. "Staff photographers at the Orlando Sentinel have been told that their old jobs are gone and that they have until tomorrow – Friday – to apply for new jobs that are now available, which will be more "videocentric" with an emphasis on getting more video published on the newspaper’s Web site."



  6. What is even happening here? 


  7. Weather feature galleries of the day. Sun-TImes left, Tribune right. Stay warm, guys. 


  8. I really like the Sun-Times cover here, but would like to point out that it is an AP photo.


  9. I love thumbnail size photos!


  10. It never ends.

    "To pay for the new "contract," they plan to lay off up to 300 non-union employees.
    We all should know by now that they never lose money on any deal.”

    -submitted by Reviewer007